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Doing nothing costs way more than doing something! What are you doing to plan?

March 9, 2018

Do you ever think about your future? If you are like most people, of course you do! I believe that the reason we as humans, seek change, is because we have the desire to change our consciousness not necessarily our surroundings. So how do we get to a higher consciousness? I believe that we get to a higher consciousness by experience.  I believe that new experiences and encounters give us new perspectives and new perspectives are essential for our personal growth. Some of my goals are to open up a Yoga Studio, another goal is to compete in the Amazing Race, & I want to write a book. With that comes the goal of being on the New York Times Best Seller List. As you see I have a lot of goals and I’m proud of that. Instead of being scared to dream, I am scared to stay stuck, stagnant, and unprogressive. Like the saying goes if you’re not dreaming you’re not living. I’m definitely living and I encourage you to do the same. Do you envision your goals, write them down, or talk about them? How do you plan for your future?