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Independent Sub Agency

Obtain your own book of business.

Access to 300+ carriers and 3,000 products

 We provide independent insurance agents with access to top-rated markets, product training, and sales and marketing support. — and we’re the only no fee program of our kind.


Your Independent Insurance Agency Network.

Independent Sub Agency through Majdas Touch Insurance is a network of many agencies through 30 different states and more than 300 carriers. Collectively our agency partners represent millions of dollars in written premiums. We're the fastest growing agency network in the nation for a reason - we put our agency partners first. Grow your book of business, increase your revenue, and be able to put your own clients first by partnering with Independent Sub Agency through Majdas Touch Insurance.

Access to top-rated carriers

Ready to jumpstart your career in Insurance?

Obtain your own book of business under our umbrella of companies.

Become an owner


What will my company name look like?

If your business name is “Iris Insurance,” then it will be Iris Insurance x Majdas Touch Insurance