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Where Assurance
Meets Aspirations

In a world of wavering guarantees, our Insurance Bonds stand as testaments of tangible trust.

Demystifying Insurance Bonds

Insurance Bonds are essentially a promise. A promise that you, the principal, will fulfill obligations to a third party, known as the obligee. Should you fail to meet this obligation, the bond will cover damages up to the bond’s penal sum. With Majdas Touch, this promise is backed by our rich carrier network, ensuring your peace of mind.
Unmatched Selection
While our platform leverages digital prowess, our heart remains human. Benefit from the efficiency of cutting-edge technology without losing the warmth of personal touch.
Vast Choice, Singular Touch
With access to over 300+ carriers nationwide, we're not just any insurance brokerage. We're your all-access pass to the most comprehensive bond options tailored to fit your unique requirements.
Unbiased Recommendations
As an independent brokerage, our loyalty lies with you, not the carriers. This means you always get unbiased, best-fit suggestions.

Our Bond Categories

Contract Bonds
For construction contracts and other major project contracts.
Commercial Bonds
From license and permit bonds to utility bonds and more.
Court Bonds
Required by courts for various legal and judicial purposes.
Fidelity Bonds
Protect against losses due to employee dishonesty.
And many more...

Ready to Seal Your Commitment?

Embark on your bond journey with Majdas Touch and experience the blend of vast choice, digital efficiency, and genuine personal care. Because when you're with Majdas Touch, you're bonded for success!
Secure Your Bond
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