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Holiday Insurance Tips

January 16, 2020

How to avoid common Holiday Insurance claims by @majdastouchinsurance 

Many risks to your home & family during the holiday season are covered by a good Homeowners’, Condo Insurance, or Renters Insurance Policy. In particular, the “Personal Property & Buildings” section of your policy probably insures against the following situations.

1. Cooking fires - Cooks multi-tasking in busy kitchens for parties or holiday meals can be distracted, increasing the likelihood of a kitchen fire.
2. Fires started by candles - The top three days for home candle fires are Christmas, New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve.
3. Fires caused by blocked dryer vents or faulty filters - Just keeping up with laundry during the holidays is tough, check your vent.
4.Overloaded electrical equipment - Of the fires that start with Christmas trees, 43% are related to electrical equipment failure or malfunction. 
5. Theft - Homeowners’ & Renters’ Insurance policies cover more than fires, of course. For example, Homeowner’s covers loss of your personal belongings & damage to your property in a break-in situation. Renters’ covers loss of your personal belongings.

Check your policy❕Make sure you have enough #contents & #buildingcoverage

Another aspect of your Homeowners’, Condo, or Renters Insurance — the “Personal Liability” component — protects you in the following situations.

1. Injured guests - Trips & falls are extremely common causes of home-based accidents. The holidays present special challenges in this area, with furniture possibly moved out of its normal location to accommodate the tree & other decorations, as well as more friends, family and other visitors moving through your home than usual. Your Homeowners’ Insurance pays the medical expenses when a visitor to your home is injured, whether from a trip, fall or some other incident.

2. Over-celebrating” - Alcohol, fatigue & general merriment increase the likelihood of a guest ending up in harm’s way during a party or other gathering at your home. The worst nightmare for many hosts is a guest who drinks alcohol at your party & then gets into a car accident. Liability covers that.