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This Insurance Company will give you Uber credits if you get in a car accident

December 6, 2021

The Bottom Line

Have you ever gotten in a car crash and wondered, what now? Your car is broken and you don't have an option to get back on the road. That all changes now. For years, insurance companies have offered rental car reimbursement coverage, essentially giving you money to pay for a rental car while your car is in the shop due to a covered claim. This coverage allowed you to rent a car through your car insurance claim using the insurance companies money instead of paying out of pocket. It provided a vehicle to you while your car was being repaired. There were limitations to this coverage of a certain dollar amount per day and a specific dollar amount to be used in total per 30 day consecutive usage programs. Essentially giving you money to pay for rental cars. But now one insurance company is stepping up to the plate, teaming up with Uber to offer Uber credits. So, you might be asking, which company is offering that? Well..

This is the company that's offering that

Clearcover, an auto insurance company, teamed up with Uber to now offer Uber credits for if you get in an accident. (Yes I just repeated the title, but it needs to be emphasized, and I also need to reach our length requirements). After the accident, file a claim with Clearcover and enjoy riding Uber for the next week or so until your car is repaired. One thing you might be wondering is, is there a catch? Well..

Here's the catch

Well in reality there is no catch, it's more of a heads up. According to Clearcovers Support, you can only use Alternate Transportation coverage in the event of a covered loss, which is an incident for which you file a Clearcover claim. Alternate Transportation coverage does not apply to a vehicle's regular maintenance or mechanical repairs.

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