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Pet Insurance

For the Heartbeats
at Your Feet

Let your pet explore, play, and dream with abandon, backed by our insurance that promises a secured furry future.

Secure Your Furry Friend’s Future

Your pet isn’t just a pet; it's family. At Majdas Touch, we truly understand this sentiment. Your furry, feathered, or scaly family member deserves the best protection, and we're here to ensure they get it.
Wide Range of Options
With access to 300+ carriers, we have an insurance solution to fit every pet and pocket.
Trusted Expertise
Our digital independent insurance brokerage model means we're not tied to any one provider. This ensures our only commitment is to you and your pet's well-being.
Personalized Packages
Every pet is unique, so their insurance should be too. Tailor your package to suit your pet’s specific needs.

Features & Benefits

Diverse Deductible Options
Select a plan that suits your budget.
Nationwide Access
Coverage that moves with you and your pet, wherever you go in the nation.
24/7 Vet Helpline
Expert advice is just a call away, any time of day or night.
No Age Limit
Whether a newborn pup or a golden-aged cat, we've got them covered.


Can I use my current vet?
Absolutely! Our plans give you the freedom to visit any licensed veterinarian, nationwide.
How soon can I start my coverage?
Coverage starts as early as the next day. Your pet deserves no less.
Do you cover exotic pets?
Yes! From birds to reptiles, we understand that every pet is special. Reach out to find the perfect plan.

Give Your Pet the Protection They Deserve

From fluffy kittens to vibrant parrots, every pet is a universe of joy. At Majdas Touch, we're passionate about protecting these galaxies of happiness. Dive into our digital platform and discover the perfect insurance plan for your beloved companion.
Protect Your Pet